[FoRK] Google attacks hit staff friends

kelley kelley at inkworkswell.com
Wed Feb 3 03:52:57 PST 2010

At 10:49 PM 1/25/2010, Michael Cummins wrote:
>-- begin snip --
>Google attacks hit staff friends
>"Someone went to the trouble to backtrack: 'Let me look at their friends,
>who I can target as a secondary person'."
>McAfee discovered that a previously unknown flaw in Microsoft's Internet
>Explorer had been used in the attacks. Mr Kurtz said the attackers also used
>one of the most popular instant messaging programmes to induce victims to
>click on a link that installed spy software.
>-- end snip --
>The social hacking is pretty interesting.  I notice that they were all too
>happy to name Microsoft's failure, but why go out of their way to avoid
>naming "one of the most popular instant messaging programmes"?
>I must getting old.  Everything smells like an agenda these days.
>- MEC

it's always hard to tell when some technology journalist is writing, but it 
looks like all they did was send an IM with a link to a page containing 
malware. The malware exploited their browsers, and they used the browser 
vulnerability to gain further access to the targeted Google employees. In 
that case, it was a social engineering attack. The vulnerability was in the 
people, not the IM program.


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