[FoRK] "New babies get their DNA put in permanent government database"

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Fri Feb 5 08:24:28 PST 2010

Russell says:

> I bet this has some new dads here scrambling for that removal form:

Actually, quite the opposite.  We had extensive testing done, both  
pre- and post-natal, mandatory and elective.  IIRC --- and I may not,  
as we only signed a bazillion (technical term common in geek-speak ;-)  
forms --- the State of Texas stuff was opt-in.  Regardless, in all  
cases we actually opted to allow sharing and utilization of the  
relevant data.

I'm acutely aware of the risks run by such things but in net I believe  
the potential benefits outweigh the probable risks involved.  We'll  

Had I become a parent, say, 10 years younger (but in the same e.g.  
legal and technological environment that we have today) I'd have made  
a different decision.


* at a minimum, any sane legal system down the road should recognize  
subsequence information-on-file as prior art to prevent the "patented- 
person problem" (which, I think, will eventually be resolved by  
changes to generally-accepted IP law anyway.)  Also,  aggregative and  
longitudinal uses of this kind of information should have a massively  
accelerating and quality-improving impact on medical technology  
development, so in fact I'd encourage folks who might otherwise be  
skittish about this sort of thing to think long and hard before making  
such decisions.  More data = better medicine.

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