[FoRK] Betting on the iPad

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Feb 5 17:05:07 PST 2010

Tom Higgins wrote:
> I will more than bet that the iPad will do for me exactly what the
> iPod and iPhone did in their respective categories.
> On the mp3 player front I had a couple of different players before the
> ipod made its mark, saw where the iTunes store was going when they
> rolled it out in 2003 and decided that was not the road for me. On the
> smartphone front they were very much in the locked down  company store
> mentality from the get go and decided again it was not a good fit for
> me. I finally decided on the Droid just a few months ago. The tablet
> road looks to be about the same, that is I have had a chance to play
> with tablets for while now (heck I still have the pieces of the old
> Sonicblue Progear in my basement somewhere) and simply do not see the
> Apples vision for control a fit for what I want in a device.

They can't capture me on the iPhone side.  WebOS and Android are very 
good, enough better in several ways that the iPhone isn't even close 
right now.

On the other hand, the iPad seems like a relatively nice platform for 
some things.  I don't think we've pointed out in this thread that Amazon 
has a Kindle reader for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and hence the iPad.  So, 
while it is competing on the hardware side, it is already coopted on the 
reader side / content.

Found this interesting clip in my archives from 5/7/2009 
wnn at eletters.whatsnewnow.com:
> How an iPad Could Kill the Kindle 
> Mobile Analyst Sascha Segan is certainly not the only one 
> predicting the demise of the Amazon Kindle DX before it 
> even ships to customers. He, like others, sees a dark 
> shadow cast over the Kindle DX by Apple's ambitions, and 
> thinks the unknown hardware Apple may release next month 
> could be a stake through the heart of Amazon's infant 
> digital-book hardware business. Oddly, though, Segan does 
> not think Amazon will be upset if Apple introduces a large 
> format iPod-touch with cellular capability. I know Apple is 
> releasing some sort of new device next month, but I'm not 
> sure this is it. Even if it is, I bet Sascha is wrong. Read 
> the post and decide for yourself. 
> Is Apple Eyeing the E-Book market? 
> http://ct2.eletters.whatsnewnow.com/rd/cts?d=42-3336-1-464-695322-901760-0-0-0-1-3-118 

Additionally, there is a rumor of an iPad-like tablet OS X machine.  If 
it has sufficient battery and a really great touch screen with good 
resolution, that would be much more interesting.  Apple: go for battery 
life at all the cost of weight, but don't scrimp on RAM, CPU (too much), 
or storage (use a bunch of SD slots on the edge if you have to).

> So yea, Apple continuing to not have me as a customer seems a good
> bet. Will they still make a few nation's GPD of worth on it...sure why
> not. Slap it once, slap it twice...you know the rest.
> Do I think they will shake things up? A beast that size is bound to.
> Now as to the demerits of the epub format, I am still sort of taken by
> it:)- It is simple, contained, and most fo the devices I have can now
> in rotation can render it (readers for linux desktop, netbook, sony
> pr505 and droid). HTML5 though is a good thought for it as well. I am
> not sure how much interactivity I want with my books, sure playing
> Choose Your Own Adventure books would rocketh...but one of the reasons
> I picked the pr505 was its decidedly unconnected uncomplicated book
> reading abilities. Yes, it is not the best for heavily laid out
> graphic works. I would like to see what comes from HTML5 and books.

Both HTML5 and extended Wiki formatting would be great ebook formats.  
How about something with Latex-like capabilities in HTML5?
> -tom(hard numbers...let us say that unless the devices gets totally
> fraked up in a bad pr spincycle it will be >15% of Apple's worth in 3
> years.)higgins

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