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> http://sfreporter.com/stories/born_poor/5339/all/
> """
> If Bowles has the history of wealth figured out all the way
> back to the Stone Age, shouldn’t he have some practical advice?
> Indeed he does. Here, one number will suffice.
> $250,000.
> OK, that’s a figure Bowles picked out of the air. It’s
> how much each person might receive under a key economic reform he
> supports: universal welfare.

I don't think that excerpt does justice to the article, really. I thought the information about such things as the uselessness of corporate welfare in job creation/retention and about the level of inequality in America and its enforcement and entrenchment was much more interesting and enlightening (right up there with such stellar performers as the Philippines and Rwanda!). Solid data were presented to illustrate both of those issues. 

The universal welfare thing was obviously just a thought experiment that begs more questions than it answers. But it's an interesting challenge.


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