[FoRK] Micropayments Part XXIII - arrrrrgh

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 18:06:59 PST 2010

They come and they go, the promise thats been around for
years...Micropayments...this time its called Flattr


If I am parsing their video right...you budget a set amount each month
that you are able/willing to spend on the riches the intertubes has to
offer.....call this the Pool...during the month you are slicing that
Pool by the number of things you think worthy of a payment. For
instance, I have a 20$ Pool set aside for the wonders..So if I go
around finding 100 things of worth they each only get .20cents . If on
the other hand I only deem 10 things of worth they will each get 2$.
In a way I cheapen the payout the more I find of value.

Then again, and go with me here, if the money I am being paid by
others goes back into the Pool each month then the more things I
create that others find cool would make my end of the month payout
worth more. Drawing down the pool would lessen my worth as a patron.

So yea, a little bit of a ponzi scheme and a little bit of whuffie and
who the heck knows how these things pan out. So far the track record
is not good....

-tom(let the schooling thread in micropayments begin:)- )higgins

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