[FoRK] Endgame

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Thu Feb 11 22:05:50 PST 2010

Things are getting fun now. Time to break out the popcorn...

China just pulled the plug on the global debt orgy, about time too...

More and more stories coming out that lending is just shutting down. No 
way a sane bank will write a loan right now with assets deflating so 
fast from houses to cars to machinery. If you're a small business, 
forget it.

The Fed (a private bank) are printing money like mad and handing it to 
the bankers (themselves) as they flee the sinking ship. California and a 
few other states and hundreds of cities are weeks away from failure, but 
only if the Fed can print money fast enough. Social Security is dead 
right now not in 2017, commercial real estate isn't even worth burning 
down any more. Does anyone in Sillycon valley have a job anymore (22% 
unemployment = no), because there is no rush hour traffic anymore.

Europe is a complete shitshow, with the Greeks striking to demand more 
money for not working - I guess they ran out of burning Roman buildings 
to fiddle to over there. Same Goldman bankers running Greece into the 
ground it turns out. Tanking companies is no longer profitable enough so 
now whole countries need to be taken down.

Long weekend ahead. Tuesday may be a good day to wake up and find out 
the dollar is now just low grade toilet paper. How the fork they have 
managed to keep the Ponzi scheme this long is beyond anyone's comprehension.

Now where's that popcorn...

Adam L. Beberg

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