[FoRK] test, ignore

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Feb 11 22:50:26 PST 2010

Reposting some previous content that wrapped correctly to observe current behavior, again apologies.

Basically, it only does a few things.  (1) It displays a header with some context info:  location, local time, local weather, etc.  Uses network awareness and geolocation for location determination, and then gets the rest based on that.  (2)  Its default mode is to cycle through a context-specific view of my todo.txt task manager data, showing me what's on my list of things to do, next actions, etc.  It also has a concept called "focus" built-in;  it's really just a minimalist query / filter language (some syntactic sugar around my usual uses of e.g. grep for such things, e.g. "@home -p:later -p:weekend" in order to trim the fat.  (3) Hotkeys and / or shell commands can switch mode to quickly do several other small tasks:  display (a subset, potentially filtered or transformed) of the clipboard, as text;  display contact information from Address Book for the most-recent contact-of-interest from e.g. Mail, from a Web page, etc.;  do dictionary lookups on the five least-common words from the most recently-viewed web page, with optional summary from Wikipedia given another key command;  display status of various devices at the house (a kind of home automation summary screen, no control functionality yet); incoming e-mail notification and summary.  That's about it for now, and probably all I will ever do to it before rewriting it w/ a bit more architecture aforethought.

There's not much (i.e., nothing) there that you can't find e.g. a dashboard widget for.  The main benefits vs. dashboard are:  always there, always on, in-my-face when I am using my machine as a terminal, which is most of the time;  and it is (minimally) context aware and reactive rather than something I have to "drive" for most common tasks.  I.e., I can just watch it for a brief time and minimally "drive" it;  it's job is to deliver useful information to me based on some contextual cues, and to default to something useful.


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