[FoRK] Must. Have.

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Mon Mar 1 02:47:42 PST 2010

> I think it inspires the same part of me that wanted to be an  
> astronaut when
> I was a kid.

Still possible.

Although I've been told by friends at JPL that I'm way too old  
(having picked up a BS at JPL's owner in 1991) for any of the planned  
manned missions, I recently ran into an ESA bureaucrat who claimed I  
was the perfect age for the proposals they were undertaking.  (it  
seems they are very unsure of the radiation shielding on an  
interplanetary, so they figure it would be far better to loft scratch  
monkeys in their tin cans)

While you don't have to "think in Russian"* to qualify, training is  
through the Cosmonaut program and so a good working knowledge is  
certainly required.



* have I sufficiently dated myself?

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