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Subject: [Papers] Social network size in humans (pdf)

Social network size in humans

"This paper examines social network size in contemporary Western
society based on the exchange of Christmas cards. Maximum network size
averaged 153.5 individuals, with a mean network size of 124.9 for
those individuals explicitly contacted; these values are remarkably
close to the group size of 150 predicted for humans on the basis of
the size of their neocortex. Age, household type, and the relationship
to the individual influence network structure, although the proportion
of kin remained relatively constant at around 21%. Frequency of
contact between network members was primarily determined by two
classes of variable: passive factors (distance, work colleague,
overseas) and active factors (emotional closeness, genetic
relatedness). Controlling for the influence of passive factors on
contact rates allowed the hierarchical structure of human social
groups to be delimited. These findings suggest that there may be
cognitive constraints on network size."

But, this is also the same guy who thought that social network size
was proportional to the volume of the neocortex:

And I am probably an anomaly:

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