[FoRK] dQ/dt

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Thu Mar 4 08:13:01 PST 2010

> Though those adaptations make humans and our immediate ancestors  
> better runners, it is our ability to run in the heat that Lieberman  
> said may have made the real difference in our ability to procure game.
> Humans, he said, have several adaptations that help us dump the  
> enormous amounts of heat generated by running. These adaptations  
> include our hairlessness, our ability to sweat, and the fact that  
> we breathe through our mouths when we run, which not only allows us  
> to take bigger breaths, but also helps dump heat.

Men perspire, but horses sweat.

Rather than lose their hair, equids adapted a salivary protein to  
produce latherin, which is currently believed to act as a wetting  
agent, promoting evaporative cooling even through fur...


(horses can move 1'800L/min of air when working at 6,5kW.  What's the  
equivalent for human heat exchange?)

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