[FoRK] Misunderestimating "The" Tea Party

James Tauber jtauber at jtauber.com
Sun Mar 14 17:14:15 PDT 2010

On Mar 14, 2010, at 7:47 PM, J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
> As an aside, the term "socially conservative" is grossly misapplied for political purposes.  A substantial percentage of people that describe themselves as "socially conservative" are politically libertarian as a policy matter.

Exactly. That came up a few years ago here in the context of the Political Compass test and there being a big difference between questions of the form "X is bad / morally wrong" and "the government should ban X". If I recall correctly, there was some discussion of a 3rd dimension to the political compass.

By most accounts I would be considered socially conservative with respect to my own behaviour but  libertarian with regard to my views on legislation against the behaviour of others.

Related is the flip side distinction between "X is good / morally right" vs "the government should do X", particularly in the context of social justice. 


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