[FoRK] RIM tests a way to pay for pub/sub with wireless push

Rohit Khare khare at alumni.caltech.edu
Wed Mar 17 15:40:19 PDT 2010

Surprising tidbit today: RIM is releasing developer access to a new  
Push API. The twist I found interesting is that the Push is free; the  
paid tier is for acknowledgments (or, more accurately, notification of  
ACKs, since I wouldn't be surprised if the over-the-air push protocol  
still had ACKs anyway)...


> 	• Allows up to 8 KB payload
> 	• Uses standard push protocols (WAP PAP 2.2)
> 	• Supports the following requests via HTTP XML:
> 		• Submit Push (to PIN)
> 		• Cancel Push
> 		• Query for Status
> 		• Query for Device Capabilities
> 	• Provides result notification responses
> 	• Provides different submission modes:
> 		• Point-to-point (submit push to single PIN)
> 		• Multicast (submit push to list of PINs)
> 		• Broadcast (submit to all PINs for a registered application)
> 	• Allows developers to control the expiry time (push system will  
> automatically retry pushing requests until expiry time)
> 	• Supports delivery notifications
> 	• Provides a unique port per application, which helps avoid loss of  
> user information
> 	• Allows applications to run in the background and process the push  
> information, so users can be notified without a disruption in their  
> current state (this feature is enabled by the multitasking and  
> multiple process BlackBerry smartphone OS)
> 	• Allows developers to set the quality of service:
> 		• Application (“message reached application” acknowledgement  
> returned to server)
> 		• Transport (“message reached port on device” acknowledgement)
> 		• Fire and Forget (no acknowledgements)

Features unique to the paid tier:
> Status Query
> Quality of Service/Detailed Acknowledgements
> Controllable Expiry Time

Hadn't heard of PAP 2.2 before: http://www.wapforum.com/Technical/release_program/push_v2_2.aspx

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