[FoRK] SAN, NAS, or both at home?

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Wed Apr 7 10:10:22 PDT 2010

David writes:

> My main worry
> about any black-box RAID device is: what happens when the chassis dies
> and I need some data that is on the disks?


Here's the worst RAID / SAN story I've got.  While doing Deepfile we were officed for a couple of years in a building w/ <large telecom equipment manufacturer> who became a beta customer of ours.  During the eval of our product, which crawled filesystems, the backplane of their EMC box failed (actually had been failing for some time, but the errors surfaced when we started pounding the box.)  In fact, we eventually discovered, it had been faithfully and redundantly striping crap all over their disks for some time and eventually the errors accumulated to the point that the entire array failed.  Worse, their incremental backups (unverified on a regular basis) had been faithfully backing up the crap.  I think it took them about *6 weeks* to fully restore everything once the backplane was replaced.  And this was on the corporate mail server storage box (as well as storing a few other things there.)

That's the kind of BS that keeps me slightly reluctant about this...


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