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>> So, too many responses to the original post to address individually.
>> In general, the thesis I'm advancing here is that the iPad, when used by a general technologist who has made his livelihood inventing new things based on imagination
> and an ability to extrapolate what people in general will do when given certain tools...  will likely provoke profound confusion.  And, maybe, a little bit of gestalt, if given the
> chance.  In short:  this is the first device of the Internet era that *truly* serves as a new category of computing device for the non-technical user.  (Arguably, the first few
> generations of Mac did so in a largely non-communicating era...  and, like the iPad, did so well *because of* rather than despite what techies perceived as "limitations.")
> Totally agree. When evaluating an iPad, people on this mailing list should take a deep breath and say out loud "this was not designed for me."

Uh huh, but what makes anything and everything immune from this model?
By your logic, no-one should criticise or comment on anything, because
it just wasn't meant for them.

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