[FoRK] Clarifications and expansions... Re: What the hell just happened?

Michael Cummins michael at i-magery.com
Wed Apr 7 17:37:43 PDT 2010

> knee-jerk naysayers and duly-ordained anti-Apple reverends 

I'm excited by it, actually.  I wish I had a thousand bucks lying around
that I could put towards one in earnest, if only to invent reasons to need
it.   To be honest.

Of course, I've always wanted to break out that laser keyboard during
meetings too, but never did.


I'm not sure how it will change things.  Phones fit in pockets, "PADDs"


Still, most people buy laptops and don't really need them.  Combine the
"it's wicked cool" factor with the market that either didn't or didn't need
to buy a laptop, and you probably have a worthwhile niche to grow your
business in. 

For myself, I'm excited because it will spur other manufacturers to create
these things, drive down prices, widen that niche that Apple (and the
constantly evolving PDA phone) is helping to create right now, and innovate
with features I really want like USB support, card support, front and rear
cameras, HDMI-out ports, projector accessories, NATALish interpreters,
Google Goggles, etc.  

How will this affect the Netbook, I wonder?  Will it kill the thing before
it really got started?  Since it doesn't try to be a laptop, it might do
just that.  Netbooks always had that built in disappointment factor when it
didn't perform like the laptops they resembled.  A PADD is something that
arrives with fewer preconceptions and more imagined possibilities.

It's not really aimed at me though, sadly.  What I want it to do for me, I
already can do, for the most part.  Like Jeff says, however, it's just the
beginning.  Cheaper, ruggedized versions of this running Chrome or "Windows
for PADD" will undoubtedly be in the hands of every delivery driver, service
man, maid, waitress, student, police officer and TSA agent in the years to
come, however.

Apple should cut a deal with the withering textbook industry give them away
free to schools for a while.

Maybe Amazon will beat them to the punch :)

Fun times.


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