[FoRK] Other views of the iPad

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Apr 8 12:12:53 PDT 2010

Russell says:

> Personally, I find the fits-in-a-pocket constraint both extremely
> important, in evaluating tech gizmos for my own use, and extremely
> challenging, from the technical perspective of how limiting that form
> factor is. I expect, for at least the next twenty years, there will be
> some gizmo I carry with me, every day, from early morn to late night.
> And as with the immortals, there can be only one.

I will note for the record that despite *me* making this very case to Russell numerous times for years, he was a late and reluctant entrant into the actual cell phone space.  (Do you even carry a phone at all times at this point, Russell?  You do, right?  What happened to your Palm Pilot?)

The non-carry bias --- which I share --- is part of why I saw --- and still largely see, certainly for me and probably for most cell- and / or lappy-equipped geeks --- the iPad as a leave-on-the-coffee-table device.  To me, it's just not a mobile device unless it's your only device, and for me it's never going to be that.  (That said, it now appears to me that this could well be an only device for certain customer types.)

Mostly just tweaking Russell here, though.  I agree.  At *most* I think geeks will regularly carry two devices, one small convenient one at all times and one larger one most but not all of the time for those cases where the limitations and constraints of the small one are unacceptable.


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