[FoRK] i[phone|pad|wank] jobsian goodness

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Apr 8 20:05:06 PDT 2010

Quoth the Right Rev. Tom "No, You Can't Have A Hammer, Hammers Are Damned" Higgins:

> The Apologetics are getting rather interesting, if for nothing else
> than quotable bits for latter reminders.

Indeed we are getting some interesting future-foot-in-mouth quotables.  We'll see whose they are in the end, and whether the owners own up.

Slight mod to the above:  ^Apologetics^The Right Reverends of PC-PCness.

What really baffles me is how one can perceive as some vast, broad, deeply-religious apologia about a *company* anything that is even remotely objective or less than critical about an *object* and its *design decisions.*  Particularly when the entire explication is interleaved with frank criticism and trepidation.  "Jobs Derangement Syndrome" apparently.

Yeah, the new license sucks.  OTOH, for folks trying to make a buck on the app they made in their spare time, perhaps the quid pro quo of the channel and all that implies --- assuming they can run the approval gauntlet --- more than makes up for it.  Certainly seems to be droves of devs who have made that calculation on their own.

What are we up to, now, sales-wise, on this evil hammer of a thing?  Is it yet the fastest-selling new device ever?  When do we think it will hit that mark?


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