[FoRK] Apple issues / predictions

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 12:37:18 PDT 2010

Since Bone has to poise everything in black and white terms with
himself cast as the voice of sanity I think it will be amusing to see
if his twisting and churning "logical" verbiage on his understanding,
or lack of understanding, on issues where tech and use come together.
Will we see more lengthy posts like his political/economic pre and
post election ones? Will see more ego stroke and bash down as in his
rolling treatments of his post posts "misunderstandings" ?

The simple issues are the hardest to nail to the board. How can you
support with use and purchase a company that treats its user and
developer base badly? Why would you even think thats a viable long
term option for either tech or usability when other possibilities
remain on the table?

The iPad in your hand speaks more to the answer to those issues than
your name dropping yes yes but no meanderings suiting whatever is the
defensible position de jour . That you have to roast down archetypes
for your aiming is also telling.

So have at the past present and future Mr Bone, your good at framing
it however you may need to.

-tom(still busting out over 3.3.1 and wondering how that pill goes
down. I am sure when the winds turn Bone will be at the fore again
with backup singers and justifications)higgins

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