[FoRK] Clarifications and expansions... Re: What the hell just happened?

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Fri Apr 9 15:30:42 PDT 2010

Tom writes:

> Since Bone has to poise everything in black and white terms

Dude, I don't know if you're on some kind of mind-altering drugs or if you are from the Bizarro World, but how the hell do you get to that conclusion?  I'm the one peddling infinite shades of grey here;  you're the one clinging to the Apple = Ultimate Evil equation, no arguments, exceptions, or nuance accepted.  THAT sir is the black-and-white worldview in play, here.  I'm saying there are always tradeoffs.  Capiche?

Next bit, general tack is to label me as some kind of flip-flopper:

> Will we see more lengthy posts like his political/economic pre and
> post election ones?

Be interesting to see *actual* instances of whatever flip-flopping you think has been going on.  Before the election, I said basically two things:  Obama was a quasi-socialist who, given a legislative lock, would engage in a war on capital and broad acts of neo-socialism;  and that a troika was bad joojoo regardless of which party had it.  Guess what?  I still say that.  I called several major economic milestones, including the employment figures *with timing*, spot-on.  I called the Obama bounce, though the timing is a bit phase-shifted.  I also called the debt crisis.  Called the entitlement growth.  Nailed the initial pollyanna cost estimates of the healthcare and stimulus bills despite a shitstorm of criticism up front.  So where are the fails or backpedals, here, exactly, to which you are referring?

Demonstrate the flip-floppery with quotes and figures, Rev. Whore, if you can.  Or move on.

> How can you
> support with use and purchase a company that treats its user and
> developer base badly?

Ah, the value judgment.  First, I disagree with the assessment.  Apple has never treated me poorly as a user;  I just don't care about all the media politics BS.  Until they take root and Terminal.app away from me on my laptop, it's the best damn UNIX "super-terminal" I've ever used.  I imagine there are many others who feel that their use of the *tools on offer* is just fine despite all The Church of Whore, Inc.'s fear-mongering and warnings of hellfire and brimstone.  I imagine the many Obj-C app developers who are focused on the specific platforms aren't too bent out of shape today either.  

You can buy and use a tool without buying a world-view.  When and if buying said tool tips the balance too far --- in my (and my alone) estimation --- then I'll stop buying their tools and find some reasonable substitute, for my own purposes.

As an example:  Chick-fil-A is run by the Dominionists.  From time to time, though, I'll still scarf down one of their sandwiches.  I don't get my existential panties in a bunch about it.

By the way, the Android phone user experience blows ass-chunks, at least on the original one.  I had Google Phone envy for a long time;  my wife has one.  Covet the keyboard.  Opted to upgrade to an iPhone 3GS anyway.

> Why would you even think thats a viable long
> term option for either tech or usability when other possibilities
> remain on the table?

Because I'm a pragmatist while you, sir, are an ideologue. I'll take the short-term benefits when they outweigh the long-term costs, appropriately discounted.  Not everything is an act of activism.  And it is not for you or anyone else to run those equations for some other person.  To think otherwise is merely ego and arrogance.

Don't get me wrong;  on some level I admire and agree with your deep ideology;  it is clear that you apply it to every aspect of your life, and I acknowledge and respect that.  Perhaps even envy it a little.  But that's not my way;  and for you to insist that it *should* be everyone's way tarnishes that respect a bit, more at times than others, particularly when you turn *tools* into existential dilemmas or political melodramas.

> The iPad in your hand speaks more to the answer to those issues

The argument you make speaks directly to your inability to perceive shades of grey, Rev.

Here's the bottom line on the iPad for me, 'tardo, stated yet again:  the automation system I'm using has an interface for the iPhone and the iPad.  It doesn't have one for Android, nor do I have the time or inclination to roll my own (again) or try to use MisterHouse (again) as a crippled interface when I've got a much richer and easier and fuller-featured version available off-the-shelf.  I'd rather focus my time on programming the backend of that system.  So that's the utilitarian argument for me;  similar in many ways to the utilitarian argument that caused me to wipe Yellow Dog Linux off my first Mac laptop, finally, and just use OS X.  My time is worth more than dealing with countless BS low-level sysadmin and other low-value-add activities when better solutions to *those* problems exist that let me focus my time on things that are, for me, higher-value.  YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.  That you cannot reciprocate YMMV for others when their assessments run headlong into your dogma is, perhaps, the root of your problem.

Get it?

Lucas says:

> It's important to be able to handle the coexistence of Apple's (1)
> being a flagrant jerk and (2) doing brilliant engineering.
> They're both true.

Absolutely concurred, no contest, and thank you.  A much terser presentation of the basic argument I was attempting to make, supplemented perhaps only by "they make good tools for certain purposes" --- but that's really a corollary of your #2.  Excellent, Lucas.  


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