[FoRK] Clarifications and expansions... Re: What the hell just happened?

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Fri Apr 9 18:26:48 PDT 2010

Tom (in, finally, a statement of actual perspective rather than religious conviction) says:

> And this is where I think the disconnect is. I hold , from experience
> not just on Apple's platforms but others, that great and fantastic
> tools  can  be made useless with crappy licensing. You can make the
> most perfect tool eva and then render it less so by placing limits on
> its use, methods and possibilities.
> The totality of a tool makes up its use or uselessness.

Dōgen asked:

Wherein reside uses, methods, and possibilities?  The tool... or the user?  

And Tom was enlightened.  One hopes.



PS - for my particular uses of the particular tools in question, Apple's absolutely admittedly crappy licensing has never hindered my use of said items one bit.  YMMV.  Who are you to make proclamations of uselessness about my, or anyone else's, use of some tool?  Or vice versa, etc.?  For someone so usually intensely intolerant of intolerance and judgmental about the judgmental, it's curious and vexing that you part ways with those principles in this particular context.

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