[FoRK] Earthquake Prediction? There's an App for That

Michael Cummins michael at i-magery.com
Sat Apr 10 18:02:50 PDT 2010

On the other side of the coin Jeff would surely enjoying reading this
article, one example of the many ways people are creatively solving problems
inside the Walled Garden.  I can only assume that the accelerometer is
accessible by one of the seven, low resource APIs available to programmers
when "multi-tasking"?


It would surely make sense.








"As part of their battle to understand and protect against the destructive
force of earthquakes, seismologists have gone to extraordinary lengths. They
have bored holes deep into the earth's crust, laid out arrays of sensors
hundreds of miles across, and built supercomputers capable of running
simulations at teraflop speeds. But the most exciting new effort in
cutting-edge seismology involves a piece of instrumentation that's a good
deal less exotic. It's called an iPhone. 


"Each smartphone has an accelerometer built into it," says Robert W.
Clayton, a professor of geology at Caltech. "It's primary function is to
determine the orientation of the phone and to allow gaming. But it can also
be used to detect seismic activity." What's more, the phone's internet
connection allows it instant access to remote servers. In essence, though
consumers think of them that way, iPhones have the capability to serve as
nodes in a distributed seismic sensor network. All they need is someone to
organize that network. Clayton is part of a team aiming to do just that.
Called Community Seismic Network, the project will debut this summer with a
tight cluster of sensors in the Pasadena area."





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