[FoRK] Forbes "Life in 2020" Articles

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 19:24:54 PDT 2010

Transportation in 2020
In 10 years, your commute will be long, boring and dull. Devices aimed
at fixing that will be plentiful but fail in most cases.

The Classroom In 2020
The next decade will bring lower standards and a focus on preparing
workforce drones.

Your Choice In 2020
How big computing will make every action a transaction and charge the
consumer for each one.

Your Computer In 2020
Traditional computers are disappearing; human beings themselves are
becoming information augmented..legal hassles on the bio level will
rise  and the burgeoning eula criminals will be blamed for all the
ills in the market.

Your Home In 2020
Goodbye, McMansions. In 2020 we’ll build for the triple bottom line:
cheap materials regardless of environmental impact, space compression
and legal standards set out by the corps to make your home TOS

Your Job In 2020
In 2020 you will fight for food.

Your Diet In 2020
In 2020 you will take more pharmaceuticals to keep mental and physical
attributes within societal norms.

Your Health In 2020
Patients will pay more for less and be happy for that.

Making Whuffie
Social networks will be part of the boring drudge work of keeping
within societal norms. Poke here for more info.

Ah 2020, how ya doin?

-tom(all forward looking statements are ment for entertainment
purposes only, no future replicants were harmed in making these

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