[FoRK] Movies oft heard but not oft seen.

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 21:56:11 PDT 2010

There are films I have heard about for years and yet never had the
opportunity to see. One of the wonders of the intertubes, netflix,
archive.org and other such places is the ability to get at some of the
chestnuts not yet cracked. This is one of those. I have heard of this
one, even read about it but somehow never got around to seeing it.
This article renews my interest .... I await its viewing.


" “The Last Movie,” a prophetic title if ever there was one.
Bankrolled by Universal — the studios were mainlining youth culture by
then — he traveled to the Peruvian Andes to make a film about a stunt
man who, after production on a violent Hollywood-style Western wraps,
stays behind. Played by Mr. Hopper, the stunt man (though not
necessarily in this order) hooks up with a local prostitute;
coordinates a sex show for debauched tourists; jaws on about “The
Treasure of the Sierra Madre”; and takes perhaps lethal part in
another film shoot, this one staged as a ritual by Indians using
equipment made from twigs."

-tom(you cant land on a fraction)higgins

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