[FoRK] Blah blah blah; also, Bolcerism strikes Ken, or, I'm a corporate apologist?

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Wed Apr 14 13:50:05 PDT 2010

--- On Wed, 4/14/10, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
> Ken writes:
> > So let's hear from jb and the other corporate apologists again...
> Huh?  I'm a corporate apologist?  I've been very
> consistent over the years in making in stating that I think
> the very notion of a "corporation" is fundamentally flawed
> and dangerous as presently legally conceived, that
> corporations are entelechic entities whose behavior can be
> entirely independent of their constituent (human) parts, and
> which we have no appropriate means to safeguard against,
> modify, or control.  I also, I hope, have made
> completely clear that I am *deeply and fundamentally*
> opposed to government bail-outs of any and all such
> *collective* non-person legal fictions, almost completely
> independent of any particular situation or context.  
>  ...
> I guess that you are drawing that conclusion due to a
> perceived (and largely correctly perceived) anti-regulatory
> bias on my part. ...

Yes. That's where it came from. In arguing that dimension you have used arguments that have sounded very like you were supportive of, and even defending, corporate interests. Probably your usual gusto overpowering accurate articulation of your intended position on the matrix.

If the above position is accurate, we are completely in sync on that specific issue.

Do I need to apologize?

> ... Fair enough, I do hold that position,
> though it's a posteriori.  The idea that it's "either"
> government or corporation, though, is IMHO a dangerously
> false dichotomy, leading to a lot of badly broken
> conclusions (like your apparent one regarding my position
> re: corporations.)
> Squash the dimensionality of a problem carelessly and you
> lose critical information.

Just so.

> (Nb., I have a much broader potential acceptance of
> personhood than most, probably; ...

That's a whole 'nuther discussion that doesn't interest me so terribly much. Not least because we won't get there in any timeframe I'm likely to care about (re: the ever effervescent Kling regarding the silly tendency to constantly overestimate tech progress ... which, not so incidentally, has fuck all to do with how rapidly technology and knowledge advance and those who don't understand that will continue to grossly overestimate the "progress" part).


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