[FoRK] Blah blah blah; also, Bolcerism strikes Ken, or, I'm a corporate apologist?

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Wed Apr 14 17:14:07 PDT 2010

Ken writes:

> Yes. That's where it came from. In arguing that dimension you have used arguments that have sounded very like you were supportive of, and even defending, corporate interests. 

To be clear:  the above --- "corporate interests" as a generalization --- is meaningless.  Any given, specific issue, well, I'll weigh the issue itself.  No black-and-white judgments here.  I.e., I might defend some particular corporate interest in some context vs. something else --- but that doesn't generalize well.

So that, too, may have been easily mistaken by you in regards to specific previous comments of mine --- particularly when some issue is framed as some false dichotomy between corporate interests in general or even specifically vs some other vague, airy-fairy, probably mythical collective interest such as "the interests of society" <cough/>.  (While "corporations" are a dangerous legal fiction, the idea of "society" as a first-class entity is an increasingly dangerous fiction, right up there with the idea of a "soul" in its potential to damage actual human lives.)

> Probably your usual gusto overpowering accurate articulation of your intended position on the matrix.

More likely lack of historical context and conversational lookback.  I doubt anyone with tenure (and any long-term memory) on the list would have mistaken me for a corporatist, though it's perhaps not hard to see how somebody with somewhat more limited exposure could take certain things out of context and draw the wrong conclusion.

> Do I need to apologize?

Not at all.


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