[FoRK] Alex eReader shipping now

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 11:10:22 PDT 2010

>> They're selling crack.
> So people still smoke, I mean, read?

Yes, market numbers point to a decided yes:)-

Previously on Battlestar Ereader...... having raved about my Sony
pr505 months ago and recently having gotten a Droid I will say that
most of my reading has moved over to the Droid. The screen is smaller,
yes, is not crisp eink, yes, is always with me and ready for a quick
couple of pages, yes. It is  also an online device and my whole take
on having a device offline equating to more reading has proven itself
out....I do tend to drift on to the intertubes when I could be reading
a book. Sadly I called it and it has played out as such. I have gone
back to the Sony a few times when sitting around the house...yes the
bigger screen is way cooler and the focus of not having it online does
mean I read more....but the Droid is nearly attached to my body and
thus wins out for utility.

My set up has changed little, I still run Calibre on my main desktop
which holds the vast horde of books in the family library. It can be
gotten to from the Droid either thru its web interface or via one of
the ebook readers on the Droid. Either way all the books are available
by any of the readers on the Droid. Calibre's web interface is damn
nice, the whole Calibre project in fact is something to be seen

The Sony is stocked with 8 gb of books and is a fraking library of an
eclectic mix of things. It was going to pass on to the wife but now
she has picked up a Droid ($19 on amazon with a 2 yr contract)  so it
is looking like the kids will have at it once I rejigger the reading
material. Ben, my 7 year old, has already had several sessions with it
and is loving the idea. The 4 year old loves flipping thru pages and
picking out words.

I also still do some reading via this bizarre dead tree method. Wood
fibers beat thin and then imprinted with Read Only Ink...zine and book
formats are comfortable in the hands and easily transportable. They
also meet many of the expectations for reader friendly licensing that
I look for in ebooks.

-tom(purely anecdotal post, ymwv)higgins

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