[FoRK] Blah blah blah; also, Bolcerism strikes Ken, or, I'm a corporate apologist?

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Fri Apr 16 08:39:21 PDT 2010

Small errata, just because it was bugging me.  Hate it when the lack of a real edit pass coupled with changing my mind about how to construct a given statement causes me to invert the truth sense of intended statements.

> I'm merely pointing out that the idea that he is not *explicitly* further left on the economic-ideological axis than most of his predecessors to that office, contrary to Lucas' assertion, as evidenced by (among other things) *his own words.*

That was tortured.  I was originally going to make the straightforward statement that he quite obviously *is* explicitly further left on the econ axis;  at some point I decided to instead make the statement that the idea that he *was not* further left (on said axis) was ridiculous.  In the end, I made neither point coherently.

Ugh.  ;-)

Point being, the "Obama = center-moderate" and left-apologista media-driven mytheme is another left-coast trope, in this case also largely shared with e.g. the Bostonian and NYC crowds, only conceivable when viewed through the distorting lens of heavily biased local self-selection in areas where that particular ideological gravity well is steep and deep.  Let's not let facts like *the man's own words* get in the way of our happy little stories.


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