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Mon Apr 26 05:07:54 PDT 2010

I find this rather amusing...  I don't know how many conversations I have
had with people who insist (to the point of arguing) on their privacy. 
They are adamant about having their Health records protected by HIPAA,
they insist that big brother does not follow them and spy upon what they
do.  They insist on their Constitutional rights (USA here) to "civil
rights" and freedoms from "seizure", "illegal search" etc...  Yet the very
information they insist on being private they put willingly put on
facebook, myspace, twitter etc.  They identify their friends (big brother
spying), they talk about their aches, pains, meds, medical treatments
(HIPAA), they talk about their conquests (sexual and physical altercations
-- illegal search), and they talk about where to score drugs or about
their latest criminal activities (seizure).  Just really amuses me when I
take time to think about it.


> This doesn't seem to solve any problem I have, or give me any new
> capabilities that I am likely to use.
> I'm relatively satisfied with Facebook and assume everything I do there
> is very public (and I moderate my use accordingly).
> - Jim
> Rohit Khare wrote:
>> Would anyone here be interested in a tool that downloads all of your
>> activities on Facebook, so you can see exactly what they know about
>> you, and so you have a backup copy in case you want to back out of
>> their network (or port to another one)?
>> I'm thinking of hacking one tonight...
>> Rohit
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