[FoRK] salary premium for travel

Koen Holtman k.holtman at chello.nl
Mon Apr 26 15:16:51 PDT 2010

On Thu, 22 Apr 2010, Christopher Herot wrote:

> These are all things you would expect, but the really valuable thing if you
> are going long distances, e.g. Middle East or Asia, is business class air
> travel.

YMMV.  I had business class intercontinental travel for a while (typically
11 hour flights spanning 8 time zones) and found I could not manage to
fall asleep in business class either.  So it did nothing valuable for me.

People have very different levels of tolerance for this kind of extreme
air travel.  If you have done extreme air travel without problems for a
vacation that does not count.  The real problem is often the need to work
full-time according to the local time zone immediately on arrival.  If
your position involves a lot of that, I recommend you build in a mechanism
that allows you to scale back if you find out that your body cannot cope.



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