[FoRK] Why Pretend?

John Parsons bullwinklemouth at yahoo.ca
Mon Apr 26 22:36:48 PDT 2010

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> Hanson:
>   http://www.overcomingbias.com/2010/04/why-pretend.html
> etc.

Re-phrasing some of Hanson's questions to ask; "what co-relative traits are associated with pretending to do X while doing Y?", leads to this analysis as highlighted by Dan Ariely:


In part:

[The researchers found that compared to participants without power, powerful participants were stricter in judging others’ moral transgressions but more lenient in judging their own: “power increases hypocrisy, meaning that the powerful show a greater discrepancy between what they practice and what they preach.”]

Also... what degree does perception play in hypocritical behavior (i.e do hypocrites perceive their behavior as hypocritical)? My experience is that excessively hypocritical people don't seem to show even a moderately developed sense of introspection. This also jibes with a lot of people who have attained a degree of power. Is it a "chicken-egg" correlation?


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