[FoRK] The problem with Ogg...

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sat May 1 09:02:34 PDT 2010



Let's be clear up front:  I'm no fan of software patents and, in particular, absolutely despise this whole war-against-everybody tack that Apple and others are taking with respect to patents and codecs for audio and video.  The latter is tempered only by conviction that a market abhors a monopoly and always finds a workaround, eventually.

But here's the problem with "Ogg Vorbis" and "Ogg Theora."

The fucking names.  The fucking Dungeons and Dragons, too-much-bad-pulp-fantasy, too-much-Discworld-and-NetTrek-and-Max-Headroom, nothing-to-do-with-the-fucking-topic, only-a-geek-could-love-em names.  Perhaps the worst choices in naming of *vitally important* open source efforts *ever.*

Yeah, Apple (and various others) have a massive PR problem at the moment.  The Good Guys shot themselves in their fake-chainmail-clad Society For Creative Anachronism-loving feet right out the 'chute with this shit.  Apple may have a PR problem, but Xiph / Ogg has a "the mainstream will always have  almost no fucking clue what your shit *IS* much less why it matters" problem.


"FreeTunes" and "FreeFlicks" or whatever-the-fuck-but-anything-else, for xsakes.


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