[FoRK] NYTimes: The Talents of a Middle-Aged Brain

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun May 2 23:50:02 PDT 2010


> /Is there anything you can do to keep your brain healthy and improve 
> the deficits, like memory problems?/
> A.
> There’s a lot of hype in this field in terms of brain improvement. I 
> did set out to find out what actually works and what we know. What we 
> do with our bodies has a huge impact on our brains. Our brains are 
> more like our hearts in that everything you do for your heart is 
> thought to be equally as good or better for your brain. Exercise is 
> the best studied thing you can do to your brain. It increases brain 
> volume, produces new baby brain cells in grownup brains. Even when our 
> muscles contract, it produces growth chemicals. Using your body can 
> help your brain.


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