[FoRK] seen shebang in fragments?

Rohit Khare khare at alumni.caltech.edu
Mon May 3 00:20:38 PDT 2010

I saw this old post http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-tag/2002Jul/0253 
  on the history of # -- very well written stuff!

A few weeks ago I was joking around with some Twitter folk about  
inventing the shebang tag for making tweets that did stuff, you know,  
so you can tweet in perl :)

And then I saw this, which I guess must have been big news a while  
back; I encountered it in use on Facebook:

that is, using #! to force a mapping onto GET parameters that are, in  
fact, sent over the HTTP wire so they can generate a completely  
different static-html representation for GoogleBot.

Fascinating thread... microsyntax evolves everywhere someone thinks  
there's an unused character code ;)


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