[FoRK] New laptop: Macbook vs. brand X + Ubuntu

Bill Stoddard wgstoddard at gmail.com
Mon May 3 07:46:09 PDT 2010

On 5/3/10 9:22 AM, Reese wrote:
> On 22-Apr-10 20:01, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>>> It is near time to replace the venerable laptop that has long been my
>>> mainstay development machine. I've been using Ubuntu for years, so my
>>> inclination is to find good hardware (Lenovo 410s?), which no doubt
>>> will come with Windows of some variety, then load Ubuntu onto it.
>>> But.... there're the friends, colleagues, and related sirens who say:
>>> go for a Macbook. So I'm trying to understand the big advantage that
>>> counters learning a new OS and environment.
>> Apple hardware is premium overall with great service (although the 
>> wait is
>> a little long in Palo Alto, even if Jobs does live down the street and
>> occasionally drops in).  You do pay a premium for the hardware.
> It has been my experience, rubbing elbows with people who run PC or
> Mac at work and who have a Mac laptop for personal use, a majority
> have had to return the laptop for repairs after some sort of hardware 
> failure. The most recent is a Macbook purchased in the last 2 months,
> returned about 3 weeks ago.
My experience is mixed.  I've had no problems in 2+ years with my 
MacBook pro.  The iMac, ohoh, has been in for service two times.  I 
recommend purchasing the 3 year service extension.

> Reese
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