[FoRK] Schlepping towards psychohistory?

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon May 3 08:33:34 PDT 2010

Haven't vetted this yet, looks interesting if a bit buzzy.  In general, favor the approach.  

(Concerned about building bias into the sim, though.  Particularly given the provenance of this particular effort;  it's fiendishly difficult even if you're making a concerted effort to avoid it.)






  The FuturIcT Knowledge Accelerator: Unleashing the Power of Information for a Sustainable Future

Dirk Helbing
(Submitted on 28 Apr 2010)

With our knowledge of the universe, we have sent men to the moon. We know microscopic details of objects around us and within us. And yet we know relatively little about how our society works and how it reacts to changes brought upon it. Humankind is now facing serious crises for which we must develop new ways to tackle the global challenges of humanity in the 21st century. With connectivity between people rapidly increasing, we are now able to exploit information and communication technologies to achieve major breakthroughs that go beyond the step-wise improvements in other areas. 

The need of a socio-economic knowledge collider was first pointed out in the OECD Global Science Forum on Applications of Complexity Science for Public Policy in Erice from October 5 to 7, 2008. Since then, many scientists have called for a large-scale ICT-based research initiative on techno-socialeconomic- environmental issues, sometimes phrased as a Manhattan-, Apollo-, or CERN-like project to study the way our living planet works in a social dimension. Due to the connotations, we use the term knowledge accelerator, here.

Comments:	For related information see http://www.futurict.eu/
Subjects:	Physics and Society (physics.soc-ph)
Cite as:	arXiv:1004.4969v1 [physics.soc-ph]

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