[FoRK] Do You Belong to The Church?

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu May 6 10:44:49 PDT 2010

More for JT:

> Isn't that at the heart of Coase's work on the nature of the firm? (incidentally, are the same reasons applicable to levels of government too? that is, why we can't just have local government?) I still have both Ostrom and Williamson on my reading list.

Good catch, absolutely relevant.  Worth further explication.  Ball's in your court... ;-)

> So as a preliminary to that: any suggestion as to whether this should be done as (a) given statement user picks the usual strongly agree thru strongly disagree choices; (b) given two statements the user picks which they agree with more (if at all); (c) some other approach?

Both / and.  If possible, present the same choices in a slightly obfuscated manner given both formulations, then see where individual response varies given the formulation.  Meta-methodology may help you refine how you gather the information in the future, or you might just leave it at that permanently, as it may reveal something interesting.  (That's the damnable thing about gathering information in this way --- i.e., relying on people to *say* what they (think that they) think / believe / mean rather than inferring it from some larger and less artificial data set of actions, statements, etc.)

On that front, see next post.


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