[FoRK] Way! You Neanderthal you!

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu May 6 20:07:48 PDT 2010

No Way.

> *What did they find?*
> Any human whose ancestral group developed outside Africa has a little 
> Neanderthal in them – between 1 and 4 per cent of their genome, 
> Pääbo's team estimates. In other words, humans and Neanderthals had 
> sex and had hybrid offspring. A small amount of that genetic mingling 
> survives in "non-Africans" today: Neanderthals didn't live in Africa, 
> which is why sub-Saharan African populations have no trace of 
> Neanderthal DNA.
> It's impossible to know how often humans invited Neanderthals back to 
> their cave (and vice versa), but the genome data offers some 
> intriguing details.
> "It must have been at least 45,000 years ago," says David Reich 
> <http://genepath.med.harvard.edu/%7Ereich/>, a geneticist at Harvard 
> Medical School who was involved in the project. That's because all 
> non-Africans – be they from France, China or Papua New Guinea – share 
> the same amount of Neanderthal DNA, suggesting that interbreeding 
> occurred before those populations split. The timing makes the Middle 
> East the likeliest place where humans leaving Africa and resident 
> Neanderthals did the deed.


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