[FoRK] Some iPad suggestions

HK Pang hkpang at gmail.com
Fri May 7 11:31:24 PDT 2010

I've been loving the iPad so far, in fact, I just purchased some more iTune
gift cards from Costco yesterday. It's not a small endorsement from someone
who rarely purchase any software besides TurboTax and Windows OS in the past
20 years!

But there are couple things that I find iPad pretty annoying:

1) Why isn't there a full keyboard? It's pretty annoying to keep shifting
keyboard pages for numeric keys and other frequently used symbols. In
landscape mode, the iPad can certainly accomodate a few more keys.

2) Why ain't there any cursor keys? It's nearly impossible to place the
cursor in between words when you need to make a correction. I usually have
to re-type the whole word over again.

3) Why isn't traditional Chinese input supported? Is Apple going to drop the
30-50 million potential customers living in Taiwan/Hongkong/etc? The same
thing is available in iTouch and iPhone, I'm surprised Apple tried to do

4) Why isn't more effort made to improve chinese handwriting input? Right
now, you can only enter one chinese character at a time.

Given its form factor, I'm puzzled why iPad wasn't made easier for entering
information? This has to be intentional consider how easy it is to add those

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