[FoRK] IPV6 Horror Story

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri May 21 15:35:23 PDT 2010

On 5/21/10 5:51 AM, Jim Whitehead wrote:
> Had an amusing incident in Zurich recently. Was staying at a hotel 
> where you had to pay for Wifi Internet, and it was surprisingly 
> expensive. BUT, the ISP running the hotel's internet had a promotion 
> in favor of IPv6:
> IPv6 access is free


I would run IPv6 on my server, however my colocation ISP doesn't support 
it...  Nor does Comcast if I understand correctly.
There ought to be a law! ;-)


> Well, I've never used IPv6 before, but free is free, and before you 
> know it I was running IPv6. The catch was that I could *only* access 
> IPv6 web content. IPv4 content required payment. It turns out there 
> aren't that many web sites running IPv6, reminding me a lot of the web 
> circa 1994/1995 (except without the momentum).
> Thankfully Google search has an IPv6 service, and this allowed me to 
> find IPv6 to IPv4 gateways, and away I went, though with the catch 
> that many intelligent sites weren't able to make use of the gateway.
> Still, it was kind of fun, like stumbling across a secret club that no 
> one knows about.
> - Jim --

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