[FoRK] Videos of talks / presentations considered harmful (and other peeves)

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon May 24 12:17:15 PDT 2010

Enough with the video, already.  The TED talks, the Google tech talks, the Vimeo stuff.  Etc.

Non-machine-parseable (at least, easily, though Google's working on it.)  That means not indexable.  That means opaque, at least for now.  

They're linear.  They're time and attention consuming.  The information density in both time and space domains is piss-poor.  (Yes, this despite "picture worth a thousand words" nonsense.  I.e., not when it's a picture of words being spoken, it ain't!  

Non-cut-n-pasteable.  Hard to reference specific points of interest.  Etc. etc. etc.  

Guaranteed to be non-durable.  I.e., the format in 10 years will NOT be the same as it is today.  Much less in 100.  10,000.  Etc.  Have pity on the poor archaeologist-combat programmers of the future.  All formats are vulnerable;  video more than most.

Give it a REST.  Write a freakin' web page.  Or fine, post the video, but have the decency to ALWAYS provide relevant metadata, transcript, and particularly any source and reference materials that were presented.

I can (barely) tolerate this when non-techies go all flash-junkie with their site's front page, etc.  But c'mon;  geeks know better.  Don't be putting useful information in these containers.


PS - Enough with Slideshare, etc., too.  The PDFs, pretty as they are.  We have a universal content type.  It's HTML.  Check it out.

PPS - Put a freakin' date on your web pages, dammit.  EVERY ONE OF THEM.  AT LEAST in some human-readable format, if not some better metadata.  Bonus points for create *and* last modification times.

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