[FoRK] Enterprise software development: Do we have an age problem?

Luis Villa luis at tieguy.org
Mon May 24 12:43:08 PDT 2010

On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 11:22 AM, Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo
<ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> --- On Mon, 5/24/10, Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> wrote:
>> ... end-user/non-enterprise software is the way to go.
> Why is it "the way to go" versus enterprise software development? (Genuinely interested ... it's a pretty emphatic statement.)

Off the top of my head, from my experience in enterprise development
and sales: (there are of course exceptions to all of these, but they
are exceptions.)

1) popularity factor- in the consumer space, your friends and family
might actually use your software; you're lucky in the enterprise space
if they've heard of you, much less use it.

2) cutting edge factor: enterprise rarely is willing to pay for
actually pathbreaking stuff; they want tried and true, hopefully tried
by someone else. So if you want to work with the most interesting,
cutting-edge development environment, enterprise is unlikely to be

3) unpleasant customer factor- if your most unpleasant/least clueful
customer is paying you $29.99 (or $0.99 in app store, or $0 in web
space) you can walk away from them. If your most unpleasant/least
clueful customer is paying you hundreds of thousands or millions of
dollars, you have to suck it up.

I could go on, but I should get back to work producing
thank-the-gods-not-enterprise-facing software ;)


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