[FoRK] MONDian dark matter

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon May 24 13:20:39 PDT 2010

Most of this has been touched upon already here, but:


For the record, again, here are my bets:

  - MOND wins, modulo the weak-dual nature mentioned here
  - the actual force "causing" gravity is thus "repulsive" (i.e., entropy-maximizing distributive) vs. attractive
  - gravity is thus epiphenomenal and path- / state-dependent
  - we will further eventually interpret weak-dual MOND as:
    - weak interaction between probabilistically-neighboring MWI phase-state spaces
    - strength of interaction determined by probabilistic distance
    - equivalence theorems between this and the holographic theories will be found
  - ultimately the question isn't unification of relativity and QM, it is:  which algorithmic TOE?


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