[FoRK] Videos of talks / presentations considered harmful (and other peeves)

Jim Whitehead ejw at cs.ucsc.edu
Tue May 25 01:51:18 PDT 2010

I gave a talk a few years ago at Google, and they recorded it and posted 
it to Google video. This talk was based on a paper that was presented at 
the 2007 Int'l Conference on Software Engineering (not recorded).

The video is here:

The paper is here:

Watching the video takes about an hour. Reading the paper requires 
longer (but could be skimmed faster).

In this case, I'd claim there is definite value-ad to the video (even 
though this is far from being my best-delivered talk). The main 
advantage of the talk format is that it provides the narrative flow of 
the paper in a more condensed form, and focuses on the main results 
(leaving the details to the paper).

- Jim

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