[FoRK] bizarre thread-mangling posting remedied

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu May 27 06:14:28 PDT 2010

Various folks have complained for a long time about my tendency to break thread etc. whenever replying.  I've mentioned without explaining in detail that this is a consequence of the way I've been reading the list for some time, and that *that* in itself is due to some various deficiencies with the way I've had mail set up.

Short version:  for ages now I've been receiving and archiving digests rather than individual messages, but generally have been reading the list through the web archive interface.  This causes some artificial friction in replying.  That was always intended as a temporary fix until I got some mail consolidation and multiple machine configuration changes etc. completed.  Unf., like many "temporary" fixes, this went on (a) far longer than I intended, and (b) far too long by any measure.

Well, I've finally addressed the mail issues sufficient to go back to getting individual messages, so hopefully the result will be less irksome to some of you.  (This is likely to have little impact on whether you find the content itself irksome or not.. ;-)


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