[FoRK] Paper vs Digital maps -- tip of an iceberg?

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Sun May 30 11:43:26 PDT 2010

On Sun, May 30, 2010 at 7:04 PM, Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo
<ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> This article raises both tactical and strategic questions.
>   Small-picture: are GPS personal navigation devices really any better than paper maps or even directions provided by a human bean?
>   Bigger-picture: does the existence of digital maps, GPS navigation devices, PC-based and cloud-based applications herald the end of paper maps as cartographers ramp up their digital products and damp down the availability of paper options?

Domestic-picture: I print Google maps as a matter of course, maybe 1-3
times a week around town at home, and always if I'm in roaming another
(ie. 4euro/mb) country. I feel bad for the trees, planet etc. but it's
a hard habit to break!



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