[FoRK] Paper vs Digital maps -- tip of an iceberg?

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Sun May 30 14:36:44 PDT 2010

--- On Sun, 5/30/10, Michael Cummins <michael at i-magery.com> wrote:

> Check out the product.  It updates itself over the internet and interfaces
> with other technologies such as radar, GPS and sounders.  It reports on
> known currents, prevailing winds, provides satellite imagery overlay and 3D
> modeling of the ocean floor.  
> It's immersive, fresh and conveys more information than a
> piece of paper ever could.
> Paper charts still have their uses, but this is an example
> of how it *can* be better.

Thanks Michael. Yes, that is a perfect example of building a better mousetrap. Truly.

So the acid test ... does someone with that product toss their paper charts overboard? 

I'm not trying to be provocative. I've never tried to navigate on water or in the air. This gets to the heart of whether it's "either/or". Or whether there is some balance. For instance, are there complementary functions, such as backup if the technology decides to get cranky? Or can you go entirely digital, from planning the trip to making the trip?


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