[FoRK] Hey AT&T... FU

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Wed Jun 2 10:47:32 PDT 2010

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On Jun 2, 2010, at 12:24, Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> wrote:

>> Not sure that defeats the point;  they could do a lot worse in  
>> terms of not allowing any other browsers *at all*
>> (regardless of provenance) into the channel.
> It surely defeats your point, since all the other browsers are either
> (1) using exactly the same renderer and javascript engine (with all
> the same problems)

Why does the engine in question matter at all? (Rhetorical: it  
doesn't, at least not with respect to the point I was actually making.)

The deficiency in question is changing the default search engine to  
Bing. That's not baked into Webkit, its chrome (little-c.) Quite  
possible to build one sans Bingbox with Webkit.

FWIW, I hate the waste of search boxes in browsers in general.  
Unnecessary. The location box can be a command line, and IS with just  
a little readily available software. I used to remove the google box  
from Safari before Apple sealed the nib.

> or (2) deliberate crippleware (a browser without
> full javascript in 2010 is definitely crippleware.) So neither are
> going to actually improve on mobile safari.
>> The browsers stand out as an exception, given their tendency to  
>> block other apps that duplicate functionality already
>> provided by bundled apps...
> Fair point. I do wonder why they bothered to make the exception, given
> that the alternatives are all deliberately shit as a result of their
> other restrictions.

Speculation: preemption.

May not do much for them.


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