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> > http://peakoildebunked.blogspot.com/2006/01/207-uranium-from-seawater-part-1.html
> Btw, the above is ancient news and is NOT the process to
> which I was referring and to which paper I linked.
> Significantly different both  economically and
> technically.

Yes. Well. You didn't supply a link so I had to go looking. Your link says nothing about how it would be deployed so no hints to costs of either manufacturing inputs or of placement/retrieval.

Re: waste disposal, yes, I misspoke. We in North America, at least, have not yet found a disposal method that meets with the acceptance of the masses. Nor have we found a way to assuage our mass fears of another Three Mile Island or Chernobyl. 

So long as we believe we have the luxury of avoiding nuclear power we will continue to allow those issues to trump everything else.

Worse; the costs to build are so horribly underestimated, so consistently and so visibly, that nobody trusts the word of those who want to build. Anyone who wants to do nukes for profit is a liar before s/he opens their mouth regardless of which part of the subject they are speaking about.

In any case, none of these "solutions" -- not solar, nor wind, nor nuclear ... nor any method of static electrical generation, for that matter -- addresses the real problem ... well, the problem associated with the issue Malthus raised. The technologies that have allowed for the temporary increases in carrying capacity are based on cheap and *portable* fuel with *high* energy density. Note the keys are portable and high energy density (you sorta need the latter for the former). We don't get that from the primary candidates to replace liquid hydrocarbons. You can replace coal with those alternatives. You can't replace oil and gas with them. At least not today. Nor is there anything practical in sight. Is there? 

          ...ken... (Don't get me started on the bullshit about ethanol...)


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