[FoRK] I !<8 AA

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sat Jun 12 15:23:01 PDT 2010

Used to love em. Gold etc. 100% loyal.  Then came the changes.  Didn't  
fly for a while. No gold, flew coach, Red Box bullshit. Jim Shahin.   
Old story, told it before.

Heard things were getting better. They aren't. Screwed me over on the  
simplest flight imaginable: direct ORD to AUS.  What a clusterf*ck.

Bailed, headed to Midway and SWA. At least they'll get me there.

Don't fly AA.

That is all.



PS - it seems they may have made two improvements. AFAICT, both the  
Red Box and Jim Shahin are gone.

Now if only they could figure out how to actually get people where  
they are going reliably and on time...

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