[FoRK] Greenspun: let's stop investing in our kids

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Sun Jun 13 11:07:07 PDT 2010

Everybody is missing the biggest and important of points.  In the U.S., we
have a legal system  that is so inefficient, so driven by the very need to
be even more inefficient (otherwise it will implode), and so expensive,
filled with politics and cronyism, that in the next few years is will
cease to work due to it's inability to function.  That, my friends, is the
800 lb gorilla in the room that everyone ignores.

I have first hand experience with this inefficiency. I am currently
involved in 1 state criminal, 3 state civil, 1 federal civil case and I
have just started the appeal process to the state supreme court in a
default decision handed down in one of the civil cases. These are all
related to a single incident that happened in 2008 between myself and
another person. The litigation began in March 2009 and there have been 4
lawyers and over $100,000.00 in legal fees and not a SINGLE ISSUE has been
settled.  At the current rate, the most optimistic of the lawyers thinks
that a handful of issues might be settled with negotiations by the middle
of next year (there are 32 issues total), and I need to stay the course
and spend more money for lawyer and legal fees.


> http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/philg/2010/06/12/americans-lets-stop-investing-in-our-kids/
> The money shot:
> "Just as we’ve produced a health care system so expensive that we’d
> be better off without doctors and hospitals, we’ve managed to create
> an education system so expensive and ineffective that we’d be better
> off not sending anyone to school."
> Food for thought...
> jb
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